How to Save Money on Flat Roofs

Installing a new flat roof over the old flat roof is applying new flat roof layers over the old roof covering thus renewing your flat roof.

Renew flat roof felt repairs Wrexham

What are the benefits of felting over my old roof covering?

  1. It cut the costs of a new roof as we don’t have to strip the old roof.
  2. Its kinder to the environment as no waste has to be taken to land fill.
  3. There is less risk of your property being exposed to the elements as your old flat roof stays in place.
  4. There is very little mess and we can get your house water tight quicker.
  5. What condition does the flat roof have to be in?

    If your roof is flat and solid to walk on it can be used as a base for the new flat roof.

    If the roof is rotten in any way i.e. spongy, sagging then it’s time for a whole new roof.

    If you have a flat roof it pays to spot problems early so you can benefit from the cheaper installation of new felt layers rather than a totally new roof.

    Around 60% of roofs can be done this way.

    So book an inspection today with the number 1 Roofers in Wrexham: Aspect Roofing Services.

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