Safely Accessing Roofs For Repair And Replacement Work

Roof repairs can appear straight forward and simple but it may be complicated by the fact that it is in a awkward inaccessible part of your roof or simply too high.

At this point it’s wise to have scaffolding installed by a licensed contractor which will allow your roofer to reach the roof safely and to be comfortable enough to work properly without the fear of falling.

A cat ladder may be used if the following criteria is met:

  1. The job will take less than 30 minutes.
  2. Nothing weighing more than 10kg is carried up the cat ladder.
  3. You must have three points of contact on the ladder.
  4. The ladder is firmly secured, normally a person holding it is sufficient.

By doing this roofers are complying with health and safety regulations who report on average 14 deaths a year from falling off ladders and up to 1200 injuries a year.

Every roofing company has the responsibility to ensure there workers are safe when at height.

Cost of scaffolding can vary depending on the area but in general the cost of scaffolding is off set by how much more productive a roofer is when he is safe.

Also remember to schedule work so you can get multiple jobs done using the scaffold i.e. such as painting or guttering which will save you money in the long run.

Here at Aspect Roofing Services we pride ourself on working along with Wrexham’s health and safety guidelines.

Please contact us for any more information on the services we provide; whether it’s because we’re the best flat roofers Wrexham or you need some friendly advice – we’re on hand to deal with all your enquiries. Please use the form above or call us on 07412628536 for any emergency call outs.

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