Roofing Problems Wrexham

As your roof battles extreme winter weather in Wrexham it can sustain weather damage. Certain areas of your roof are more susceptible to leaks. Watch out for issues and take steps to resolve them to prevent water ingress into the property.

Listed below are a few areas that can cause you problems in Wrexham

Lead flashings and joints: Lead flashings around chimney stacks and lead or GRP valleys are susceptible to leaking. Most roofers in Wrexham use lead flashing on sections of your roof where something comes up through the roof line like a chimney or flue. Good flashings provide great protection from the elements in Wrexham

Broken or missing slates and tiles: If your roof covering is damaged in any way, water can enter through the roof and directly into your property. If you have cracked or broken slates & tiles ensure that they are repaired to prevent damage to your property.

Loft inspection: A good tip is to go into your loft space and inspect the roof space, by doing this you can spot any potential problems early and prevent extensive damage to your property. Found early a small hole can be fixed,left it can become a major leak requiring repair work all through the house.

When looking inside your loft, look for watermarks or dark patches on loft insulation or water streaks on the timbers that make up the roof.

Contact Aspect Roofing For Any Issues Found

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