Roofing Maintenance

Here in the UK our roofs have to deal with harsh weathers conditions that only seem to be getting worse with climate change.

Yet as a nation we neglect our roofs, they don’t cross our minds until, that is, they leak then they have our full attention.

Off course once your roof is leaking its a little late, the roof structure or the property below may be damaged needing hundreds of pounds to put things right.

But this situation can be avoided by taking a few simple steps whether it’s garage roof repairs, house roof repairs or conservatory roof repairs in Wrexham you need.

The first is regularly checking the condition of your roofing felt. This can be done by entering the loft and checking for any damage to the felt, ie; rips and tears.

Also look out for loft insulation that has that has turned black. That is a sure sign there is a leak somewhere.

Another idea would be to have an exterior check carried out every six months by a roofer.

This will undoubtedly reduce the chance of a leak and the associated emergency roof repairs.

Obviously there would be a cost involved in having maintenance and inspections carried out on a regular basis, but that cost would be substantially less than the cost of roof repairs.

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