Installing a Slate Roof

Eventually every slate roof gets to the point where its cheaper to install a new roof rather than repair the existing one two or three times a year.

At this point you have a number of different options.

Do you try and salvage your existing welsh slates to use along with other reclaimed welsh slates to make a new roof ?
Or, is it best to install new welsh slates or perhaps even Spanish slates. But what are the pro’s and con’s of each of these options. Which will be the best option for you?

But first, how to tell when your slate roof has reached the end of its serviceable life? What do you need to look out for?

(1) Slates slipping out on a regular basis are a sure sign that the original nails are rusting.

(2) The felt under the slates has rips or holes in it or has just started to wear due to age.

(3) On older slate roofs there may be mortar behind the slates and no felt, as the mortar fails it will let water in.

So once you have decided to replace your slate roof you still have to decide which option is best for you ?

From my experience I’d say the best option is to install new Spanish slates as they are cheaper than reclaimed welsh slate.

And undoubtedly will last longer than reclaimed slates mixed with your original slates.

The thing to remember when your slate roof fails is that a new roof will work out cheaper in the long run.

And the longest lasting option of a new slate roof, while expensive will provide years of maintenance free protection for your home.

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