How to Spot a Leaking Roof

If water’s leaking through the roof its advisable to contact a qualified roofer.

Climbing on your roof should be left to the professionals

, but if you have to then make sure the roof timbers can take your weight. A cat ladder which holds onto the ridge tiles would be advisable too.

How To Check A Roof’s Condition

If you have seen damp patches or just want to carry out an inspection to look for potential leaks, here’s how to make some checks.

Using binoculars stand on the opposite side of the road or in the garden and look for items on our checklist below.

* missing or damaged tiles or slates
* blocked gutters or leaking gutters joints
* missing flashing around chimney stack
* cracked mortar or render on verge
* plantlife sprouting out of the roof and gutters * a chimney stack leaning over dangerously

Checking inside the roof space
Inspect the main timber work and joints between timbers and wall.

Roof timbers should be dry and solid, if there is evidence of water damage on timbers it may be time to call in the professionals.

If you can see daylight, this is evidence of a missing or damaged tile or slate.

* Damp patches on the ceilings is a sure sign of roof problems.

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