Guide to Storm Damage

Wrexham is often hit by extreme weather with strong winds, heavy snow and driving rain, you never know when you may need to have your roof repaired.

Any damage needs to be repaired quickly to prevent properties being exposed to the elements and suffering further internal damage.

Many customers are confused about whether to claim through their insurance or pay for the repairs themselves.

Our advice is to consider your individual circumstances, ie; How bad is the damage ?
How much will repairs cost ?
What excess do you have to pay ?

And finally discuss your decision with your roofer as he will have worked with insurance companies many times in the past with storm damage claims. And he should be able to offer sound advice on what course of action is best.

Carry out your own visual inspection of your roof from the ground.
Check the condition of your roof and any hazards that may be present, ie;

large amounts of snow or guttering hanging down.
If in doubt call a roofer in to make your roof safe or just for some advice.

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