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There’s a serious problem we encounter when we visit leaking and ruined flat roofing in Wrexham. As professional flat roofers we’ve discovered our so
called ‘competitive’ companies are simply not doing their jobs correctly. Quandary occurs because previous roofing companies in Wrexham don’t really have the skills to
install flat roofs. The solution: use us – Aspect Roofing Services as your flat roofers in Wrexham. Let us tell you about some common erroneous tasks when
people who are not qualified enough make when installing a new flat roof.

Flat Roofers Wrexham

H2O – Di-Hydrogen Oxide – Water! It’s frequent we Flat Roofers Wrexhamencounter flat roofs that are not offset with a gradual decline of a few degrees. It makes all the
difference in helping that dreaded water moving towards a gutter. Drainage is an important aspect of any flat roof and a gradual decline of a few degrees
will immensely improve the lifetime span of your flat roof.

As flat roofers in Wrexham (the best and our testimonials prove it) we can assure you we’ll make your roof impenetrable to the most sinister of the
meteorological elements, whether its hail, rain or snow. Guess what – snow is another consideration to take into account.

On lots of emergency call-outs we’ve seen snow build up on garage roofs and conservatory roofs which leads to the likes of more garage roof repairs in the Wrexham area and the chipboard underneath the felt and bitumen
sagging within the internal building. We make sure this doesn’t happen as we know how to compensate for the extra stresses of the unpredictable. Thank
goodness we Wrexham is not based in Tornado valley though.

Sometimes the lead flashing needs repairing as its not been fitted up to the specifications that are required. This leads to leaks and eventually rotten
building materials as well as any unfortunate valuables you have below the ceiling.

Overlaps of felt should be done to an acceptable standard on the layers we use; we use multiple layers as this is professional practice and we make sure
the overlaps of felt above the industry approved layer of humidity absorbent material are well within standard practice. We are the best flat roofers in

Flat Roofing Wrexham

If you’ve been looking for dependable Flat Roofing Wrexhamemergency 24/7 call-out flat roofing Wrexham installation engineers, Aspect Roofing Services are on hand to help.

We have countless properties with flat roofs here in Wrexham that’s we’ve repaired from garage roof repairs to installing flat roofing on extensions and
annexes. The dimension of the flat roofing to be installed doesn’t matter; this is something we deal with.

4 Major types of flat roofing and roofs we setup in Wrexham

  • Built up roof – layers of a water resistant substance layered up with hot tar and a gravel top
  • EPDM – ethylene propylene diene monomer – a waterproof rubber that’s UV resistant
  • Modified bitumen – this is a bitumen layer fitted onto the roof
  • GRP/Fiberglass – a robust and solid roof as its name suggests this is a fibreglass system of roofing.

So if you’re looking for flat roofing Wrexham we are the people for the job and please read our testimonials to read about our previous customers’
experience of dealing with Aspect Roofing Services here in Wrexham.

Please no matter how big or how small you think your job is don’t hesitate to get in touch with our flat roofing company now. We offer a free quotation
service and an estimation of how long the work will take to complete. You can get in touch with our flat roofers in Wrexham now on info@aspectroofingservices.co.uk, using the contact form above or call us on 07412628536.

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