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Safely Accessing Roofs For Repair And Replacement Work

Roof repairs can appear straight forward and simple but it may be complicated by the fact that it is in a awkward inaccessible part of your roof or simply too high. Read More

How to Save Money on Flat Roofs

Installing a new flat roof over the old flat roof is applying new flat roof layers over the old roof covering thus renewing your flat roof. Read More

Don’t Be Caught Out This Winter; Get Your Roof Fixed Before It’s Too Late!

Remember the year of 2014? It was when the UK experienced a spell of extreme weather which caused widespread impacts and major damage to UK homes and buildings. Read More

Roofer, Roofers and Roofing in Wrexham

Roofers Wrexham

Did you just so happen to Google or search Read More

Flat Roofers and Roofing Wrexham – Aspect Roofing Services

There’s a serious problem we encounter when we visit leaking and ruined flat roofing in Wrexham. As professional flat roofers we’ve discovered our so
called ‘competitive’ companies are simply not doing their jobs correctly. Read More

Alternatives to Lead Flashing: Pro’s and Con’s

Did you know that Lead has been used as a waterproofing material for millennia? The reasons why are self-explanatory when you look at Read More

Roofing Problems Wrexham

As your roof battles extreme winter weather in Wrexham it can sustain weather damage. Certain areas of your roof are more susceptible to leaks. Watch out for issues and take steps to resolve them to prevent water ingress into the property. Read More

Welcome to Aspect Roofing Services

Welcome to Aspect Roofing.

Providing a quality and efficient service is what we base our business culture around. Even in
today’s lightning fast, e-commerce business environment, we endeavour to correct your problem as soon as we can at a time convenient with you. Read More

Flat roofing, what material is best? Rubber, fibreglass or traditional felt?

As I am sure you have heard by now there are new methods around for flat roofing. Fibreglass and rubber flat roof coverings have become popular with many company’s offering up to 50 year guarantee on rubber and up to 30 years on fibreglass.

So what are the pros and cons for each of these options? Read More

Roofing Maintenance

Here in the UK our roofs have to deal with harsh weathers conditions that only seem to be getting worse with climate change.

Yet as a nation we neglect our roofs, they don’t cross our minds until, that is, they leak then they have our full attention. Read More